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Jim Witmer, Real Estate Broker Village Properties 1250 Coast Village Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108 License number  00425344 (805)  448-3921 JimWitmer@cox.net

Santa Barbara


With more than more than 40 years in the Santa Barbara Real Estate community, I have  helped countless clients gather the information needed to  make their important decisions. 

Serving since 1972


Jim has formed relationships with professionals in the many areas of the home buying process.  Every sale is unique and each one has a story. Similar challenges will arise, and the anticipation of problems and prompt communication can create a successful conclusion.


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Knowledge is Power when making Real Estate decisions. Jim is current with the latest technology to find information and market property. He is a founder of the CORT data system (CortSB.com) which supplies information to appraisers, realtors and title companies. He's familiar with current trends, past sales and where to find the necessary information to help you make your decision.community and the real estate values.



Just outside of Santa Barbara and Montecito is the beachtown of Summerland.   Enjoy the relaxing beach lifestyle with beautiful properties and great ocean views.   Learn about the town's colorful history, it's unique beach location, the thriving business community and the real estate values.



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Jim Witmer Village Properties

1250 Coast Village Rd Santa Babara, Ca 93108

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